Craig Stahl


Craig thinks everybody should own rental property. Real estate is such a great investment! Where else but real estate can you purchase a $150,000 dollar investment for a 10-20% downpayment, and a tenant pays the mortgage off for you. Not only that but at the end of the mortgage term you own the house free and clear, and now it's probably worth a lot more than the $150,000 dollars you purchased it for! Now you naysayers out there might say, "but what about bad tenants, and bad roofs, and bad plumbing". All those things happen, but not very often if you properly manage your rentals. "But I don't know the first thing about managing rental houses". That's ok, Craig can teach you to manage them, or he can manage them for you,for a reasonable fee. The bottom line is rental houses can be your "Roadie retirement fund". Let Craig show you how.
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                    First Time Home Buyers
All you young "Roadies" listen up. If you are renting now, STOP! You are missing out on the best investment you can make, owning your own home. When you pay your rent every month, you get nothing in return except a roof over your head. When you own your own home, a portion of your mortgage payment goes against the principal of your loan, and builds equity. The tax incentives make up for the property taxes and insurance you pay. There are many loan programs for first time home buyers, that make it easy to own your own home. Even if you are single, do yourself a favor and let Craig show you how to make your best investment.

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