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August 2007
Meet Rocky Harrison
This months "Roadie of the Month" is Rocky Harrison. Rocky is a great choice for this award as he is known worldwide as "Rock the Roadie".......Read More

September 2007
Meet Tommy Fulscher
Tommy is a longtime touring vet. He is working on a new project at home......Read More

October-November 2007
Meet Chas Williams
Chas has more talent than the law should allow, no ego or attitude either. I wonder why he is so successful?...
Read More

December 2007
2007 CMA Awards
This month's "Music Maker(s) of the Month" are the staff, crew, and musicians that made the 41st CMA Awards Show a success.........Read More

January 2008
Meet Bailey Pryor
Bailey Pryor is the next Roadie of the Month. Read all about Brad Paisley's live video

June-July 2008
Meet Todd Green
Todd has logged more miles in the last year than most people travel in a life time.....maybe two life times!....Read More

September 2008
Meet Danny Memeo
"Music Maker of the Month" for August is Danny Memeo.
Danny is a man of many skills. He plays guitar, sings, he writes songs, he rehabs houses, and if you find a good real estate deal he will help you find a mortgage....Read More

Summer 2009
Meet Kris Tweedy
This "Roadie of the Month" is a "Stage Ninja"....Read More

February 2010
Meet Murph Wanca
"Music Maker of the Month" is Murph Wanca. If you play a Hammond Organ you know Murph or need to know Murph.......Read More

Tommy Crain
The music world lost a one of a kind guitar player and songwriter, but some of us lost a friend......Read More

Meet Jake Mann
Jake Mann is somebody you ALWAYS want on your tour.....
Read More

Gregg Allman
The Allman Brothers Band shocked the music world with their eclectic musical stew. NOBODY sounded like they did.

Ken Alderfer
In my many years of touring I worked with a lot of Promoter Reps and Kenny is one of the best in the business.

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